ATT Stadium: 7 Concession Stands with Great Food Inside Cowboys Stadium


Home to the Dallas Cowboys, ATT Stadium (formerly known as Cowboys Stadium) can be found in Arlington, Texas and at capacity, it can hold some 100,000 people! Completed on May 27, 2009, the stadium is sometimes referred to as “Jerry World” in honor of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. In addition to offering some amazing amenities, AT&T Stadium also has some incredible food options that every Cowboys fan should check out!

7 ATT Stadium Concession Stands With Great Food!

1. The Main Concourse Platforms by the End Zones (in sections 219 and 245)

With one of the newest offerings on the menu, these main concourse platform stands will have you drooling over the Pro Bowl. What exactly is the “Pro Bowl”? Think skewers of Mongolian-glazed Angus beef or chicken breast with bell peppers and sweet onions nestled on top of a bed of fried rice with a side of your favorite Asian dipping sauces. This is one of our favorites and you have got to give it a try for yourself to believe how truly incredible it is.

2. The Main Concourse Sections 202 and 227

The main concourse is where it’s at for all of the newest food selections available in the stadium and we can promise you that sections 202 and 227 will be at the top of your list once you catch one whiff of the Heaven and Hell Burger! A thick Angus beef patty topped with fried mac and cheese with a crushed Frito crust dipped in Buffalo sauce and paired with a Roma tomato, romaine, and garlic aioli. We’re not saying it’s great for your arteries but it’s phenomenal for your tastebuds!

 3. The Main Concourse Sections 210 and 235 and the Pepsi Platform

Whether you’re on the Pepsi Platform or the main concourse if you have a sweet tooth then you have to drop by and check out the housemade gelatos and sorbets that ATT Stadium has to offer. Selections include Texas Pecan gelato, salted caramel and apple moonshine gelato, pistachio gelato, strawberry gelato, lemon buttermilk gelato, prickly pear gelato and even mochi ice cream! Whatever flavor you’re craving, the stadium kitchen has a delicious sorbet option for you!

 4. Legends Hospitality Concessions Stands

Looking for something a little more “ordinary” but still delicious? We suggest dropping by any of the Legends Hospitality concessions stands and checking out their chicken wrap. Succulently fried chicken strips, freshly cut tomatoes and freshly chopped lettuce wrapped in a soft wrap and sliced perfectly down the middle, this wrap might seem light, but it’s actually a pretty hardy meal without too much adulteration. Have someone who prefers to eat their food “plain”? Then this is the place for them to skip the fancy food but still get plenty of great taste!

 5. The Al Pastor Carts on the Upper Concourse Sections 408 and 438

The Al Pastor Carts on the upper concourse sections 408 and 438 have another delicious new addition on their menu that is definitely worth checking out – the Taco Bowl! Fit for any cowboy, the Taco Bowl combines Al Pastor pork with corn and black-bean salsa, chopped romaine, and your choice of toppings in a bowl. It sounds simple, but it’s simply delicious and you’ve got to give it a try if tacho salad is your thing!

 6. Throughout the Food Court

If you find yourself wandering between food offerings throughout ATT Stadium, stop by any number of food court locations and check out the Legends Hospitality Chicken and Waffles. Not for the health conscious this Texas-sized creation features a thick and juicy fried chicken patty topped with fried shoestring onions, crispy bacon, pepper jack cheese, maple-pecan mayonnaise and sandwiched between two huge Lonestar State shaped waffles! All in all the sandwich is half a foot tall and filled with sweet and savory goodness. We’re not sure you’ll be able to finish the whole thing, but this one is worth trying just to say you’ve tried it!

7. From the ATT Stadium Kitchens…

Looking to just wreck your diet but try one of the most delicious new sandwich offerings from ATT Stadium? We suggest grabbing food from the ATT Stadium kitchens, specifically the Pambazo Sandwich…unless you’re wearing your best shirt, in which case we suggest tucking in a few napkins first! The Pambazo Sandwich is one of the biggest sandwiches you’ll get your hands on at the stadium. It comes on a bolillo bun that’s filled with delicious refried beans, mouthwatering chorizo, Oaxaca cheese, sour cream, and lettuce. Then to top it off the whole thing is dipped in a guajillo chili sauce for the perfect touch of spice! If you’re watching your waistline or you stay away from spicy food then this definitely isn’t the right choice for you, but don’t worry because the ATT Stadium Kitchens has plenty of other less adventurous options for the more conservative palate.

What are your favorite concession stands at ATT Stadium? Comment below or get in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook!

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