Hot weather brings the perfect opportunity to go and check out some summer concerts. Here are the top summer concerts and tour guides to check out in 2018.

There are many live shows to check out throughout the entire year, but check out our list of best summer concerts to check out this year.

Sunny weather brings out the perfect chance to travel a little bit and check out a live show. Many artists perform outdoors in the summer and there are many live festivals to go and check out as well.

If you are looking to check out a live show this summer, here are some ideas:


Summer Concerts 2018

Taylor Swift – Taylor’s stadium tour runs through most of 2018 and is one of the top summer concerts. She isn’t just for country or pop music fans anymore. Taylor is a female force to be reckoned with.

Maroon 5 – The pop rock veterans, led by Adam Levine, are primed to head through the summer on tour. Their latest album is Red Pill Blues, armed with the singles “Cold” and “What Lovers Do”.

Jay-Z & Beyonce – The sequel to some of 2015’s biggest summer concerts returns in 2018 with hip hop’s power couple. The last tour had Jay and Bey tell a story through their music and we expect the same this time.

30 Seconds to Mars – The alternative rockers are primed to head out on tour for much of the summer. They always put on a high energy show made for the summer. Their latest album, The Monolith, is available now.

Macklemore & Kesha – The collaborative tour between Macklemore and Kesha has been announced for months now. The duo should have one of the most underrated summer concerts of 2018.

Chris Stapleton – Chris Stapleton has had a breakout year with his smash album “From A Room” and collaboration work with Justin Timberlake. The country singer heads out on tour for most of what is left in 2018.

Britney Spears – Britney takes her Vegas show on the road. Reviews talk about how Britney’s live show is more about the theatrics and acrobatics than it is about the singing, which should make it entertaining for the whole family.


What summer concerts are you checking out this year?

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