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Tour Announced On: Jun 18, 2019
Presale Date: Jun 18, 2019
On Sale Date: Jun 21, 2019
Start Date: Aug 28, 2019
End Date: Oct 5, 2019
Openers: Future, YG, Megan Thee Stallion, and Mustard
Release Date: Nov 30, 2018
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Meek Mill Setlist, Presale Codes, Tickets: Legendary Nights Tour Guide

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Meek Mill Profile

Meek Mill is a rap artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The tour was announced just before the release of his latest album, CHAMPIONSHIPS, on November 30th. CHAMPIONSHIPS comes with the singles Oodles ‘o Noodles Babies and Uptown Vibes.

In total, Meek has released four studio albums. Raised in Philadelphia, he embarked on his music career as a battle rapper, and later formed a short-lived rap group, The Bloodhoundz.

In 2008, Atlanta-based rapper T.I. signed Meek Mill to his first record deal. In February 2011, after leaving Grand Hustle Records, Mill signed with Miami-based rapper Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group (MMG). Mill’s debut album, Dreams and Nightmares, was released in 2012 under MMG and Warner Bros. Records. The album, preceded by the lead single “Amen”, debuted at number two on the U.S. Billboard 200.

In October 2012, Mill announced the launch of his own label imprint, Dream Chasers Records, named after his mixtape series. Meek Mill often collaborates with fellow MMG label-mates; he is also known for his appearances on MMG’s Self Made compilation series, with his first two singles, “Tupac Back” and “Ima Boss”, being included on volume one.

In November 2017, he was sentenced to 2 to 4 years in prison for violating parole and served five months at the State Correctional Institution – Chester in Chester, Pennsylvania, before being released while his trial continues.

In early 2019, Meek Mill returned on the road with his new Motivation tour. Later in the year, Meek Mill announced a co-headlining tour with Future.

Meek Mill Upcoming Events: How to Buy Meek Mill Tickets

Meek Mill Legendary Nights tour dates and locations are listed below! Use the links under the "Buy Tickets" heading to purchase your Meek Mill seats from Ticketmaster or StubHub.

DateNameMeek Mill Concert LocationBuy Tickets

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How Do You Buy VIP Packages on Ticketmaster?

VIP Packages can be accessed by pressing the ticket icon on the same menu that shows ticket quantity, pricing, and wheelchair toggle. Simply select all of the VIP ticket options and deselect all regular options.

Meek Mill Setlist For Legendary Nights Tour

Meek Mill & Future Legendary Nights Setlist

  1. Jump Out the Face (Meek & Future)
  2. I’m a Boss (Meek)
  3. Stick Talk (Future)
  4. Championships Intro (Meek)
  5. Millidelphia (Meek)
  6. Time (Meek)
  7. Monster (Meek)
  8. Levels (Meek)
  9. Racks (Future)
  10. Magic (Future)
  11. Thought it Was a Drought (Future)
  12. Move That Dope (Future)
  13. Same Damn Time (Future)
  14. Trap Niggas (Future)
  15. Bugatti (Future)
  16. Litty (Meek)
  17. House Party (Meek)
  18. Goin Bad (Meek)
  19. New Level (Future & Meek)
  20. No Cap (Future & Meek)
  21. Sh!t (Future & Meek)
  22. Blase (Future)
  23. Wicked (Future)
  24. Commas (Future)
  25. Jumpman (Future)
  26. X (Future)
  27. What’s Free (Meek)
  28. 1942 Flows (Meek)
  29. We Ball (Meek)
  30. 100 Summers (Meek)
  31. Karate Chop (Future)
  32. King’s Dead (Future)
  33. Real Sisters (Future)
  34. Wifi Lit (Future)
  35. Uptown Vibes (Meek)
  36. 24/7 (Meek)
  37. You Stay (Meek)
  38. All Eyes on You (Meek)
  39. On Me (Meek)
  40. Incredible (Future)
  41. Turn on the Lights (Future)
  42. Relationship (Future)
  43. Low Life (Future)
  44. Mask Off (Future & Meek)
  45. March Madness (Future & Meek)
  46. Tap (Meek & Future)
  47. Dreams and Nightmares (Meek & Future)
  48. 100 Shooters (Meek & Future)



2018 Meek Mill Motivation Tour Setlist:

Meek Mill Motivation Tour Setlist

  1. Dreams & Nightmares
  2. Uptown Vibes
  3. Trauma
  4. Respect the Game
  5. Litty
  6. Glow Up
  7. Almost Slipped
  8. Fall Thru
  9. Dangerous
  10. Going Bad
  11. I’m A Boss
  12. What’s Free
  13. 100 Summers
  14. We Ball
  15. Pay You Back
  16. Tic Tac Toe
  17. 1942 Flows
  18. W.T.S.
  19. On Me
  20. Championships
  21. Championships Intro

Click on each link in the 2024 Meek Mill setlist above to view live concert videos.

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Meek Mill Presale Codes: Legendary Nights Presale Tickets

All of the latest Meek Mill presale codes for the Legendary Nights tour are listed below. Check out the Ticketmaster or StubHub pages for this tour to find out the onsale date and time for tickets.

Meek Mill Live Nation Presale Code

Live Nation changes their presale code monthly and all concert dates for that month have the same presale code. The LN Mobile code has been the same since the start of 2018.

  • Live Nation Presale Code = GROOVE
  • LN Mobile Presale Code = COVERT

You can learn more about standard Live Nation presale codes in our guide.


Meek Mill Citi Cardmember Presale Code

Citi cardmembers can get exclusive concert presale access to some shows (see the on sale dates below). These codes are the same for every concert and are as follows:

  • Citi Cardmember Presale Code = 412800 (or the first 6 digits on your card)


Meek Mill Tidal Presale Code

The Tidal presale code for all concerts is TIDAL


VIP/Platinum Package Presale Information

There is no presale codee required to buy VIP packages. Refer to the video in the VIP Packages section for details on how you can purchase these special tickets when they go on sale.


Other Meek Mill Presale Codes

The following presale codes are unique for this tour:

  • Artist Presale Code = TBA
  • Venue Presale Code = ARTS (may only work for Houston show but try it out)
  • Radio Presale Code = TBA


Meek Mill Onsale Dates

  • General Onsale = June 21st
  • Citi Presale = June 18th
  • TIDAL Presale = June 18th
  • Live Nation Presale = June 20th
  • Live Nation Mobile Presale = June 20th

Onsale times are generally 10am EST but may vary depending on your show. Click on the tickets link for your show above for the exact date and time information.

Meek Mill Merchandise & Media

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Meek Mill Tickets: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much are Meek Mill tickets?

Meek Mill tickets to the Legendary Nights tour start at $0.00 and go up in price from there. VIP tickets can cost as much as $0.00 or more.

When do Meek Mill tickets go on sale?

The first Meek Mill tickets to the Legendary Nights tour are on sale as of June 21, 2019.

How do you buy cheap Meek Mill tickets?

In order to get the cheapest Meek Mill tickets, compare prices on multiple platforms. Check out Ticketmaster and Stubhub links for Meek Mill and pay attention to the prices for each section. You will be able to save money on Meek Mill tickets by comparing prices before you buy.

Why are Meek Mill Legendary Nights tickets so expensive?

Meek Mill ticket prices are caused by a number of factors, including the demand to see Meek Mill live, number of shows on tour, venue rental prices, and the amount of stage equipment, crew, and staff involved in making the Legendary Nights tour happen.

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