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Submit concert and tour information and let fans find your music!
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  • Provide information about the artist such as where they are from, how many albums they've released so far, recent singles and album, and info about their style and other artists they compare to.
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  • Provide a setlist of songs performed at each show.
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  • If you want to advertise multiple streaming methods, put one per line and we will integrate it into the guide.
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  • Provide information on how users can get VIP, meet and greet, or other special tickets to the show. Provide everything that is included with a VIP ticket. This field is optional.
  • Provide links to music videos or live performances so that users can check out the artist and what they can expect from a live show.
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  • Please give us your email so that we can let you know when your tour guide goes live. We will never post this publicly.
  • Do you promise to link users to your tour guide on your website and social media? The more links to Stadium Help that exist on the internet, the more traffic we get and the more publicity you get.

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