4 Ways to Experience Las Vegas Without Gambling

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Las Vegas truly has so much to offer its guests as one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. While most visitors may assume that Las Vegas is all about getting the best gambling experience, there are also tons of other options.

This informative guide sums up the most unique ways to experience Las Vegas. If you aren’t the biggest fan of gambling, be sure to plan these enticing experiences while visiting the destination.


The Mob Museum

Las Vegas has an extremely interesting history and what better way to experience it than with an engaging museum tour that exhibits real-life stories of how law enforcement battled notorious mobsters and organized crime rings in an epic display.

This museum showcases real artifacts and engages with visitors in a truly jaw-dropping manner. Visiting the mob museum will educate you on the incredible battle that brought Vegas to life.


Walking Tours

There are several great walking tours to consider when visiting Vegas and one of the best aspects of heading out for a walking tour is that you will be able to experience the destination is that you will be able to explore incredible sights and buildings in a comfortable manner.

Get out your favorite custom hoodie and most comfortable jeans and set out on a walking tour through the main street of Vegas.

Walking tours provide a friendly atmosphere as guides aim to make guests as comfortable as possible. Rather than opting for the regular bus tour and other popular tour options, a downtown walking tour will give you a most unique experience of Las Vegas.


Tour of Top Rockstar Clubs

A visit to Vegas would not truly be complete without a tour of the renowned rockstar night clubs. While you will have many different tours to choose from, it would be wise to opt for the VIP tours that will leave you feeling as though you have truly lived in the life of a rockstar during your stay.

From limo rides to glamorous parties, rockstar club tours are one of the best ways to experience what Vegas is all about.

Certain VIP tours include lavish day parties as well, so it would be best to assess your options before opting for a tour.


Happy Hour on the Strip

The strip hosts several enticing establishments from hotels to restaurants and more. Exploring the strip during happy hour is a fantastic way of experiencing the thrills of Las Vegas while you are visiting.

There are plenty of happy hour deals by day to consider while charming hotel brunches or stays are also recommended. While visiting Las Vegas, it would be best to explore as much as possible to get the best experience.

Rather than arriving only to experience the casino’s, it would be far more exciting to get a feel of the incredible architecture, the large number of museums and tours, and indulge in a few fine dining experiences.


There really is something for everyone in Vegas, which means heading to the popular casinos is really not the only option of entertainment available.

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