10 Best Concerts You Have to See in 2018

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2018 has a ton of really great shows, tours, and music you can enjoy live. Get our full breakdown of the top 10 best concerts you have to check in 2018. Find information such as tickets, dates, openers, setlist, special VIP packages, and other tour guide details. Read all of the details in our guide.

Do you want to go and see a live show in 2018 but are unsure what the top concerts near you are? We’ve compiled our list of the top 10 best concerts announced for 2018 so far. We will be updating the list as new artists are announced but for now, check out who we can’t wait to see in 2018 so far.

From stadium tours to arena shows, a lot of A-list music stars are heading out on the road in support of their latest work. Music tours are a multi-billion dollar industry and a lot of fans have no problem opening up their wallet for a quality live show.

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Without further adieu, here are our picks for best concerts to see in 2018.

10. Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne is set to head out on his first full worldwide tour since 2011. Dubbed No More Tours 2, named after his original “final” tour in 1992, Ozzy has announced over 45 tour dates. Despite not releasing any new music in a number of years, Ozzy Osbourne has kept himself in the spotlight thanks to his quirky personality, family reality show, and reunion with his Black Sabbath band.

Ozzy Osbourne has always put on an entertaining live show and fans of his music should be excited to see Ozzy. There is no telling whether he will ever head out on tour again, so this may be your last chance to see an Ozzy Osbourne concert. Being that he hasn’t released much for new music, old fans of Ozzy should be able to hear a fair number of classic hits.

Price Range = $29-250
Date Range = April – October
Ozzy Osbourne Tour Guide = Click Here


9. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has already been touring for over a year in support of his highly successful “Divide” album. However, he has announced one final North American 9th leg in 2018 at some of the biggest stadiums possible. Divide is Ed Sheeran’s third successful album in a row. It has spawned 4 singles and led to Ed being Spotify’s most streamed artist of 2017.

People from all over the world have raved about Ed Sheeran’s live concert. If you don’t know, he is a complete one man band. Everything performed live is a product of him, a microphone, a guitar, and his looping pedals which allow him to build each beat live and bring elements in and out. Despite being all on him, Ed’s live sound is full and thunderous and everyone should go and check him out at the big stadiums in his last leg.

Price Range = $36 – 116
Date Range = August – November
Ed Sheeran Tour Guide = Click Here


8. TDE Championship Team

The TDE record label, led by rapper Kendrick Lamer, is one of the hottest record labels in 2018. Fresh off the heels of a successful Black Panther original soundtrack, Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, SiR, Lance Skiiwalker, and Isaiah Rashad have massive tour plans to carry through the summer. Dubbed the TDE Championship tour, there is a right mix of popularity and talent on tap.

Kendrick Lamar is one of the biggest rap stars today and he has mixed his rapping with giant theatrics during his live performances at award shows over the past few years. His most recent DAMN tour featured some pyrotechnics, hydraulics, martial artists and even some static flying. This type of showmanship would elevate the lesser known artists on the tour and we hope Kendrick gives his team the freedom to invent something new. TDE has a unique chance to be one of the best concerts in 2018 and elevate the full roster higher.

Price Range = $35 – 125
Date Range = May – June
TDE Tour Guide = Click Here


7. Metallica

The Metallica WorldWired tour has been running since 2016, but the band has announced a full final leg throughout 2018 to cap things off. Those who have attended earlier versions of the tour have had rave reviews. The last North American leg doesn’t begin until September of 2018 and carries through until the start of 2019. Europe gets its chance to see Metallica live in the first half of the year.

Before WorldWired, Metallica hadn’t toured in 6 years. With their glory days behind them, fans won’t have much longer to see the famous rockers live. Reviews on the production of the live show have been excellent. Metallica performs on a 360 degree stage, which allows a decent view to anyone inside of the arena. Fire and explosions are mostly absent in this configuration but you won’t mind or care. Metallica has earned its spot on our best concerts list.

Price Range = $61 – 200+
Date Range = September – March 2019
Metallica Tour Guide = Click Here


6. Britney Spears

From heavy metal to.. Britney Spears. For the past few years, Britney Spears has made her home in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood. After its conclusion at the end of 2017, Britney Spears announced a worldwied Piece of Me tour that would take her on the road throughout 2018 again in North America and Europe.

The Las Vegas theatrics of Britney’s show compare it more to a Cirque Du Soleil event and not a pop concert, but reviews have been excellent. Early reviews indicate that her show is similar on the road, allowing anyone who doesn’t want to visit Vegas a chance to see it for themselves. Full of energy, dancing, and acrobatics, Britney’s music takes a back seat in the production of the show. This is partly what makes it a unique and worthy best concerts of 2018 to check out live.

Price Range = $99-150
Date Range = July – September
Britney Spears Tour Guide = Click Here


5. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods tour has already began and carries through most of 2018. Justin capitalized on the promotion from his NFL Football Super Bowl performance with a new album, tour, and marketing cycle. Man of the Woods finds Justin in a more folk-pop style, a contrast from a more dance-pop vibe in his previous albums. The tour has over 100 scheduled shows planned so far, taking it well into 2019.

Justin Timberlake’s talent is undeniable and he and his 15-piece live band are easily worth the price of admission. Justin does everything from sing, dance, play instruments, and interact with the crowd. This happens over flawless production and an elaborate stage that stretches from one end of the stadium to the other in three separate parts (like a pathway through the woods). In 2018, Justin Timberlake is one of the largest artists today.

Price Range = $49 – 251
Date Range = March – May
Justin Timberlake Tour Guide = Click Here


4. Elton John

Possibly the biggest and most important tour in 2018, if you are a fan, is the Elton John Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour. It is a massive 200+ show, 3 year event that promises to take Elton John around the world one final time before he retires from live performing for good. If you enjoy Elton John or respect his legacy, this is the final time you will be able to see him live in one of the best concerts of all time.

The production of Elton John’s stage show will feel a little more stripped down that others. He stays behind his piano for most songs, limiting his movements and choreography. However, Elton has always been a man of the people and does interact heavily with fans. We expect him to pull out all of the stops for his final hurrah and encourage any casual or serious fan to go and check him out!

Price Range = $59 – 259
Date Range = September to 2021
Elton John Tour Guide = Click Here


3. Jay-Z and Beyonce

Hip Hop’s power couple has announced a follow-up to their 2014 tour, heading out on the On the Run 2 tour in 2018. The tour comes following an interesting few years that have contained rumours of cheating, separation, and fighting. Both Beyonce’s latest album “Lemonade” and Jay-Z’s latest “4:44” indirectly reference the infidelity, which makes this tour event even more curious to fans.

The first tour contained an elaborate set, multiple clothing changes, and a storyline weaved into the music, with an accompanied video movie behind each song. The duo performed together for over two and a half hours, conceding the stage to each other at times and joining up together for strategic features to each other’s music. There will be a wide range of audience in the crowd to enjoy this one, and you don’t want to miss it!

Price Range = $20 – 320
Date Range = June – September
Jay-Z and Beyonce Tour Guide = Click Here


2. Taylor Swift best concerts taylor swift

The Taylor Swift Reputation tour was announced back at the end of 2017 and kicks off in May through to the end of the year. It is Taylor Swift’s first tour in 3 years and is in support of her Reputation album released last year. Taylor Swift is one of (or THE) biggest music star on the planet right now and fans literally fought and almost broke Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan syste in order to get ticket.

Taylor Swift’s stage and live show on the Reputation tour is more expansive than anything she has done before. The stadium venues allow Taylor to expand out her production with two stage B setups, a live band, dancers, acrobatics, and a whole cast of supporting friends. The tour is already the highest selling female tour of 2018. Taylor has been previewing and hyping the tour on social media for months now, which has translated to a well-thought out and expansive set. It is always nice to see a talented artist live in concert, but it is better when the artist is still in their prime and at the height of their creativity. For that reason, Taylor Swift is a must for our best concerts in 2018 list, no matter how big or little a fan you are.

Price Range = $95 – 251+
Date Range = May – October
Taylor Swift Tour Guide = Click Here

1. Drake

No bigger star in music has a bigger buzz than Drake right now. Even more impressive, Drake’s reign at the top of the charts is now approaching a full decade. His last offering, “More Life” was not a true album and still managed to have four singles reach inside the top 20 of the Billboard 100. Drake’s next album, Scorpion, comes in June and already has two #1 hits: God’s Plan and Nice For What.

Joining Drake on his 2018 tour are Migos, the rap threesome from Atlanta, Georgia. The show is dubbed “Aubrey & the Three Amigos” which has a classic 80s vibe to it. This is in contrast to the aggressive imagery and promo for “Scorpion”. Whatever Drake brings with him on tour, it will be the hottest tour of 2018 and well worth the price of admission (which isn’t actually too bad).

Price Range = $50 – 200+
Date Range = July – November
Drake Tour Guide = Click Here

What do you think will be the best concerts of 2018? Who do you have tickets to go and see? Comment below or let us know on Facebook and Twitter what you think!

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