How to Buy VIP Packages on Ticketmaster For Concerts & Shows

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Is your favourite artist coming near you and you want to buy VIP packages on Ticketmaster to go see them on tour or in concert? Check out our guide for buying VIP Packages through Ticketmaster & Live Nation and get exclusive tour tickets today.

Buy VIP Packages on Ticketmaster today for exclusive deals and offers not given to the general public! See your favourite artist on tour in concert today the right way – up close and personal. It will be a once in a lifetime opportunity you will never forget.


VIP Packages on Ticketmaster can offer the following perks and tour upgrades:

  • Premium seating over general ticket holders
  • First access into the stadium
  • Exclusive merchandise areas and vouchers so that you don’t have to wait in line
  • Premium food upgrade at the venuw
  • A free hardcopy of the artist’s latest album
  • Special VIP gifts such as a lanyard, poster, keychain, flag, sign, or other one-of-a-kind memento
  • Free drink tickets
  • Meet and greet opportunities with the artist
  • Backstage passes to view the artist’s locker room area
  • Exclusive backstage acoustic performances


VIP Packages vary between artist to artist, so make sure to follow our guides on for the latest information.

For example, to the Justin Timberlake Man of the Woods tour, there are 4 premium ticket packages. The cheapest VIP package option gives you premium seating, early entrance into the venue, a tour lanyard, and a set of commemorative tour print outs. As you pay more money, you get exclusive access to a backstage pre-party room, free food and drink vouchers, and front row seats.

On the Imagine Dragons Evolve tour, there are three special options. The cheapest VIP package gets you premium seating, a gift bag, and access to a VIP only merchandise booth where you can purchase memorabilia without waiting in line. As you pay more money, you get free food and drinks, backstage passes, even better seating, or meet and great opportunities with the band before the show.


Every tour is different, so make sure you check out all VIP packages on Ticketmaster before making your decision. How do you navigate Ticketmaster and see these options? Take a look at our instructions below.


How to Buy VIP Packages on Ticketmaster – Text Instructions

  1. First off, sign into your Ticketmaster account to make things easier for checking out later and also to bring up concerts and shows local to your area.
  2. Find a concert with VIP Package options. You can do that one of two ways. The first way to is click on the tickets link on any of the tour guides on The second way is to access the VIP Packages link on Ticketmaster and browse for the tour or show you want VIP tickets to.
  3. Click on your artist’s show to bring up the ticket selection screen. Select how many tickets you want to the show and then click on the See Tickets button.
  4. Click on the ticket icon beside the Type wording in the menu bar remove all standard ticket options so that you only see the choice to buy VIP packages on Ticketmaster.
  5. Click on the More Info button beside VIP Packages on the right side to see more information about what is included in each VIP ticket offer.
  6. Once you have decided which one you want, choose a grouping of tickets matching the VIP package you want to purchase. Click on Get Tickets to add these to your cart.
  7. Follow through the Ticketmaster checkout process as normal to buy your VIP tickets!



How to Buy VIP Packages on Ticketmaster – Video Instructions

For video instructions and more information on how to buy VIP Packages on Ticketmaster, check out our video guide below:




With this information, hopefully you can buy VIP packages on Ticketmaster and get a once in a lifetime opportunity to see your favourite artist on tour in concert this year!

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  1. Hello I am 51 yes old and for the 1st time in my life I purchased 2 gold VIP tickets to see The Killers in SLC Utah next year. Other than saying I am to enter via a different entrance will I get maybe a Lanyard or anything cool I bought a row 1 tickets that look pretty darn impressive looking at the map. Anything else I can look forward to? Thank you
    Tom 8-6-21


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