FedExForum Parking Tips for the Memphis Grizzlies

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The Memphis Grizzlies of the NBA play their home games at FedExForum. In addition to basketball, this venue hosts concerts and many other events throughout the year. 

This detailed FedExForum parking tips guide offers detailed parking information, including:

  • The best official FedEx Forum parking lots
  • Third-party parking lots near FedExForum you can book in advance
  • Areas to look for free parking in Memphis
  • Handicap parking solutions
  • Public transit options for Memphis Grizzlies events
  • Other valuable FedExForum parking tips to save time and money

Do you have tickets to an upcoming event at FedExForum? Start planning today by using this parking guide to figure out your transportation plan.

FedExForum Parking Summary

FedExForum, home to the Memphis Grizzlies, is situated in downtown Memphis and is surrounded by several parking garages and lots within walking distance. Pricing for parking at these facilities is in line with what you’d expect for downtown event parking.

Public transportation options include the MATA bus service and trolley line that serve the downtown area. Finding a parking spot in downtown Memphis can be challenging, and there’s a mixture of metered and permit parking.

The parking facilities are mainly multi-story garages and paved lots, and they are well maintained with clear signage and lighting. Special accommodations at FedExForum are good, with several lots offering ADA-accessible parking spots.


Parking Capacity


Public Transportation Accessibility

Street Parking

Parking Facilities

Traffic Congestion

Special Accommodations

Overall FedExForum Parking Rating

Official FedExForum Parking Lots

The official parking at FedExForum can be found at the Gossett Motors Parking Garage. This is an attached parking garage that you can access from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue.

The garage has around 1,500 parking spaces, which is a good start on accommodating those who will attend events here, but certainly not enough to serve everyone. 

fedexforum parking tips google maps overview

Main Parking Lots 

As mentioned above, the main lot is the Gossett Motors Parking Garage. Unfortunately, the parking in this facility is sold in advance for the Memphis Grizzlies season (in addition to the Memphis University Tigers Men’s Basketball season).

So, you won’t be able to purchase a single-game parking pass from the venue for those types of events. Although you might be able to find a pass available on the second-hand market. 

If you are attending another event, such as a concert, you can secure a spot in the official garage if you plan ahead. You can go through ParkMobile to book parking in the official garage in advance. Prices will vary depending on the event, but parking here is often under $30. 

EV Parking at FedExForum

The section of Memphis just north of FedExForum has a few charging stations available, including a couple of Blink Charging Stations and a Tesla Destination Charger. However, you don’t want to count on being able to get around the area to find a charger while also trying to get into the event on time.

Instead, do your best to charge your EV fully before the outing so you can use any available parking spot without needing to charge. 

Accessible Parking Spaces

If you can park in the official garage, there will be accessible parking spaces offered for those who have a state-issued license plate or hang tag. If you aren’t parking in the garage, you can drop-off a passenger with accessibility needs to make it easier to get into the arena. Head to the arena’s north side and turn east off of B.B. King Boulevard. You aren’t allowed to park along this strip on the north edge of the property, but you can use it as a disabled drop-off zone before taking your vehicle on to park elsewhere. 

Third-Party Parking Options at FedExForum

While SpotHero is a great way to reserve parking in most cities nationwide, the quantity is limited here in Memphis. You can use the widget below to browse parking spots. Buying before the game is a great idea.

Some nearby third-party facilities can work well for FedExForum events. For instance, the Blues McCall Garage, as is the Peabody Place Parking Garage, is only a short distance away. If you arrive early for your event and have a couple of parking locations in mind to explore, you should be able to find something that will serve your needs. 

Free Parking at FedExForum

Finding free parking near FedExForum when an event is underway will be difficult. This part of Memphis is incredibly popular and stays busy with tourists throughout the year.

If you don’t want to pay for a parking spot, or you don’t want to fight traffic while driving, opt for public transportation or a rideshare service. 

Public Transportation to FedExForum

The area around FedExForum in Memphis is known for its heavy traffic and limited parking, making public transportation an ideal choice for attendees looking to avoid the stress and costs associated with driving.

MATA Trolley Service

The Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) operates a comprehensive trolley service that is convenient for reaching the FedExForum, especially if you’re already near downtown Memphis. The trolley service offers a unique and efficient means of transport through the city’s core.

Multiple trolley stops are situated near the FedExForum, providing easy access to the venue. The trolley service features three primary lines – Main Street Line, Riverfront Loop, and Madison Avenue Line. Depending on your starting location, you can use one or a combination of these lines to reach the arena. The trolley service also benefits attendees who wish to explore other attractions in downtown Memphis before or after their event.

mata trolley parking in memphis

Explore Bike Share

The Explore Bike Share program may be an excellent choice if you’re looking for a more active and eco-friendly way of getting to the FedExForum. This program is a bike-sharing system that operates across Memphis and is an affordable and convenient transportation alternative, especially for shorter distances.

The Explore Bike Share program offers e-bikes that can be picked up from various docking stations throughout the city. To access this service, download the app for the program, which allows you to locate available bikes, unlock them, and pay for your ride. This offers a fun and active way to get to the FedExForum and allows you to avoid potential traffic congestion and parking hassles.

Ridesharing to FedExForum

Those using a rideshare service should head to the arena’s dedicated drop-off and pick-up area. This is found on Fourth Street, between Beale and M.L.K Jr. Ave. No parking is allowed in this area, but it’s perfect to meet up with your driver or get out of a rideshare when you arrive. 

FedExForum Events

Hoping to visit the FedExForum for an upcoming event? Whether you have your eyes set on a basketball game or another type of outing, the table below will help you find great seats.

DateNameLocationBuy Tickets
September 30, 2024Moneybagg Yo - Larger Than Life TourFedExForum
Memphis, TN, US
October 16, 2024MAXWELL: The Serenade TourFedExForum
Memphis, TN, US
October 16, 2024Blues Room - MaxwellFedExForum
Memphis, TN, US
October 20, 2024Kirk Franklin - REUNION TOUR 2024FedExForum
Memphis, TN, US
November 02, 2024Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Glow PartyFedExForum
Memphis, TN, US
November 02, 2024Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Glow PartyFedExForum
Memphis, TN, US
November 03, 2024Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Glow PartyFedExForum
Memphis, TN, US
November 14, 2024HeartFedExForum
Memphis, TN, US
November 14, 2024The Blues Room: HeartFedExForum
Memphis, TN, US
November 21, 2024Maverick City MusicFedExForum
Memphis, TN, US
November 23, 2024The Blues Room: Justin TimberlakeFedExForum
Memphis, TN, US
November 23, 2024Justin Timberlake - The Forget Tomorrow World TourFedExForum
Memphis, TN, US
December 06, 2024Billy Strings 2-Day Ticket (12/6-12/7) Valid Both Days, Cannot SplitFedExForum
Memphis, TN, US
December 06, 2024Billy StringsFedExForum
Memphis, TN, US
December 06, 2024Blues Room - Billy Strings 12/6/24FedExForum
Memphis, TN, US
December 07, 2024Billy StringsFedExForum
Memphis, TN, US
December 07, 2024Blues Room - Billy Strings 12/7/24FedExForum
Memphis, TN, US
February 22, 2025Katt Williams: Heaven on Earth TourFedExForum
Memphis, TN, US
May 01, 2025Theater Box DepositFedExForum
Memphis, TN, US

Bars and Restaurants near FedExForum

The area around FedExForum is packed with cultural landmarks and exciting venues, so you can be sure that having a good time is just as easy outside of the arena as inside. If you want food or drinks, the best place to start is on the famous Beale Street, just north of FedExForum

Looking for a classic burger & fries meal, perhaps with a delicious shake?

Dyer’s Burgers is a great bet, and it’s very close to the arena’s gates. Wet Willie’s is also popular with locals and tourists alike, as is The Pig on Beale if you are looking for BBQ fare. 

FedExForum Parking Tips for a Great Outing

Attending an event at an NBA arena should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Sometimes, however, traffic and transportation issues get in the way and turn the outing into a nightmare.  

Let’s review some basic parking and travel tips to ensure that doesn’t happen to you at FedExForum.

Arrive Early and Beat Traffic

If you don’t leave early enough, traffic can easily create problems on your way to FedExForum. Plan your day to get to the arena early and secure parking before it gets crazy. 

Check to see when the gates will open, and you can arrive early to enjoy as much time inside the facility as possible. 

Know What You Can Bring

FedExForum has specific policies regarding what can and can’t come into the building like all other stadiums. Check these rules in advance so you don’t have to leave things in the car. 

Remember Where You Parked!

There are plenty of parking spaces available in the area around FedExForum. With such a massive parking area to cover, you don’t want to be searching for your vehicle at the end of the day. Consider snapping a quick picture of your car’s location on your phone so you can get back to it easily. 

Take Security Measures

You should always consider safety when parking for an event at a popular arena. Be sure to lock your vehicle as a starting point and remove anything valuable from the car or truck before leaving home. You might want to park in a well-lit area for more security.

Have a Backup Plan

Unless you have purchased a parking pass in advance, it’s a good idea to have at least a few parking options in mind when you head out. That way, if your first option is full or otherwise unavailable, you won’t have to scramble to figure out where to go next.


If you plan to attend an event at FedExForum, this parking guide will help you devise a transportation plan. The venue’s official Gossett Motors Parking Garage provides a convenient option, but booking in advance for certain events is advisable. Additionally, there are nearby third-party parking facilities that can be explored.

While finding free parking during events might be challenging, public transportation and rideshare services offer excellent alternatives. Remember to arrive early to beat traffic, familiarize yourself with the arena’s policies, and take security measures to ensure a smooth and enjoyable outing.

With this comprehensive FedExForum parking tips guide, you can navigate the logistics confidently and focus on enjoying the exciting events this iconic venue offers.

Frequently Asked Questions for Parking at FedExForum (FAQs)

How much does parking cost at FedExForum?

You’ll find varied parking prices depending on the event you will attend. It’s typically about $20 to $40 to park for an NBA or NHL game, but preferred lots will be more, and you might find even higher concert prices. It’s best to secure your parking as early as possible to give yourself plenty of choices.

Is Official FedExForum Parking or a Third-Party Lot the Better Option?

When available, the official garage at FedExForum is a great parking solution. So, we recommend looking at the official garage before checking out alternatives for events like concerts. With that said, some third-party garages are available within walking distance (although none are available through SpotHero). If you get to the area early enough and drive around you should be able to find event parking for a reasonable price. 

What is the closest parking lot to FedExForum?

Undoubtedly, the official parking garage is the closest parking option to FedExForum. If parking is available in this garage, and you don’t mind the price, this is easily the most convenient place to park. 

Does FedExForum offer bicycle parking?

Riding your own bike might not be the best option to get to an event at FedExForum. The venue itself doesn’t offer a formal bicycle parking program, and bike racks in this part of Memphis can be hard to find. 

What alternative transportation options are available to FedExForum?

To avoid paying for parking, consider using public transportation to get to FedExForum, or use a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft to make the trip. 

How early are FedExForum parking lots open?

The timing of parking lots opening up for vehicles to enter will depend on the event you are attending. If you buy parking in advance, the opening time of the lot should be included with your pass. Take a moment to confirm this information with the venue or parking facility in advance so you aren’t caught off-guard.

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