What is a Verified Fan Presale Through Ticketmaster?

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You may have seen a link or reference in one of our tour guides, but what is a Verified Fan presale option through Ticketmaster? How can you use Verified Fan to your advantage in order to get early premium tickets to a concert or show? Read our guide below for more details.

In the past number of years, there has been an increase in complaints that automated bots and scalpers are the ones that get all premium tickets to a concert or show. These bots then sell the same tickets on after-market websites at a price premium. This process frustrates real people who want concert tickets and makes websites such as Ticketmaster or Live Nation to appear untrustworthy. To combat this, Ticketmaster introduced the Verified Fan presale.

For Verified Fan, Ticketmaster partners with individual artists to create them a personalized Verified Fan presale website. This website allows real fans to sign up into a digital queue for tickets. This process deters automated bots in a few ways:


Verified Fan Presale Advantages

  1. You need to verify your ID to get into this queue, which deters bots.
  2. Your credit card and name can only get you into line once.
  3. When it is time to buy tickets, Ticketmaster will send you a text message with a unique code.


For most Verified Fan presale opportunities, those fans get first chance at tickets, before any other presale promotion.



How to Find Verified Fan Concert Presales

One of the criticisms about this promotion is the lack of advertising that Ticketmaster does to promote Verified Fan relative to their own VIP packages and special offers. They say that the artist’s website is a good source, but how many people have those bookmarked and check regularly?

Stadium Help always looks to see whether there is a Verified Fan presale when we post a tour guide. Keep track of our guides for your best chance in knowing when you’ll have a chance for some special first-access tickets.

One of the other flaws with the system comes when more users sign up for the Verified Fan presale than what there are for tickets available. In this case, Ticketmaster randomly sends out unique codes to certain users, leaving the others in the dark. This can be very frustrating for people!

Sometimes, artists will also have different games or promotions which allow people to move up or down the digital queue. These games involve things such as visiting specific links advertised by the artist, buying artist memorabilia as a sign of support, or constantly visiting the artist’s website to prove your interest. While this is a pain just to get concert tickets, it is one way to make sure that the Verified Fan presale goes to the most interested people.


Verified Fan Presale Ticketmaster Tips

To maximize your success in getting tickets through the Verified Fan promotion, there are some basic things to keep in mind.

The best Verified Fan presale tip is to check your email. The email you use to sign up for Verified Fan is the one that will receive all of the correspondence. Remember, signing up does not guarantee you a TICKET. It increase the chance that you will get an exclusive code that can be used to purchase tickets.

When you receive a verified fan presale code, you are still competing against other fans and users, just not (hopefully) any bots that snap tickets up automatically.

The other reason to frequently check your email is because some artists allow you to increase the likelihood of receiving a ticket code by completing simple tasks. This method of skipping the virtual line is an extra deterrent for automated bots, which don’t know how to process these actions.



Ticketmaster Verified Fan Presale Video Guide

For more information about the Ticketmaster Verified Fan presale process, view our video guide below to help you out!



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