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5 Drake Songs From Scorpion We Want to Hear Live

Drake‘s fifth official studio album dropped last week, titled Scorpion, and it has proceeded to smash streaming records and excite fans who have tickets to see Drake on his Aubrey and the Three Amigos tour (with Migos) beginning at the end of July. We’ve combed through the album to predict and select 5 songs we want to hear Drake perform live from the album.

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What is a Verified Fan Presale Through Ticketmaster?

You may have seen a link or reference in one of our tour guides, but what is a Verified Fan presale option through Ticketmaster? How can you use Verified Fan to your advantage in order to get early premium tickets to a concert or show? Read our guide below for more details.

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10 Best Concerts You Have to See in 2018

2018 has a ton of really great shows, tours, and music you can enjoy live. Get our full breakdown of the top 10 best concerts you have to check in 2018. Find information such as tickets, dates, openers, setlist, special VIP packages, and other tour guide details. Read all of the details in our guide.

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