Enterprise Center Parking Tips in St. Louis

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Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Missouri, is home to the St. Louis Blues of the National Hockey League. Knowing where to park when you attend a game at this arena is essential, so we have created a helpful parking guide below.

This detailed Enterprise Center parking tips guide offers detailed parking information, including:

  • The best official Enterprise Center parking lots
  • Third-party parking lots near Enterprise Center you can book in advance
  • Areas to look for free parking in St. Louis
  • Handicap parking solutions
  • Public transit options for St. Louis Blues events
  • Other valuable Enterprise Center parking tips to save time and money

Only show up at Enterprise Center with an idea of where you can park because it will improve your experience. Use the information below to make a plan!

Official Enterprise Center Parking Lots

There are no official parking lots at Enterprise Center. With that said, there are thousands of available spaces nearby, so visitors will have a lot of options to choose from when picking where to leave their vehicles. Many of these facilities allow you to make reservations in advance, which is recommended so you don’t find yourself scrambling at the last moment.

enterprise center parking tips overview map

Main Parking Lots

Although Enterprise Center technically offers no official parking facilities, the Kiel Center Garage feels like part of the venue. While operated by the City of St. Louis, it is attached to the arena and offers direct access for those who park inside. So, if you want to get as close as possible and have convenient access to the gates, look for available parking at the Kiel Center Garage.

The map above shows the locations of many of the parking facilities around St. Louis. If you go through the Enterprise Center website, you can use the ParkWhiz app to reserve a spot at some of these locations.

However, not all are available to book in advance, as some only sell their parking in person on the event day.

enterprise center parking tips in st. louis

EV Parking at Enterprise Center

You can find a few different charging options around Enterprise Center. Don’t count on being able to charge when you arrive, however, as availability could be limited, and it can be hard to get around the area streets with so much traffic for an event. Instead, charge in advance and ensure you have enough power to get through the day without any trouble.

Accessible Parking Spaces

Those with accessibility needs will consider looking for ADA parking at the Kiel Center Garage. The proximity of this facility to the arena makes it easily the most convenient spot for anyone with mobility issues. Also, you may drop off an individual with physical limitations near the stadium before heading for a parking space.

Third-Party Parking Options at Enterprise Center

If you are okay with making a short walk to the arena, you can use the SpotHero widget on this page to secure third-party parking at an excellent price for your upcoming trip to Enterprise Center.

While there are plenty of great choices in the area, the Stadium West Garage might be the best bet for easy access to the gates and an affordable price. The walk from here is about 10 minutes, and you can frequently get a spot for less than $20.

You can get closer by using the lot at 1401 Locust St., but the price may be about $10 higher.

best enterprise center third party parking

Free Parking at Enterprise Center

You will likely need help finding any free parking in this area. Parking spots sell for around $20 for many events because there aren’t free spots readily available – and if any are available, they are taken immediately.

If you don’t want to pay for parking, think about using a rideshare service so you can leave your car at home.

Public Transportation to Enterprise Center

Take advantage of the possibility of using public transportation as a convenient and affordable way to get to an event at Enterprise Center.


MetroLink is the system you’ll want to use, as the nearby Civic Center Station leaves you just a short walk from the entrances to the arena. And, since this system covers 48 miles from Missouri across to Illinois, you can hop on at any of 37 stations.

public transportation to the enterprise center

The ride is convenient and fast, and you can park for free at many stations along the MetroLink line. That means you can drive to a station, leave your vehicle for free, and ride to the arena for a small charge. This is easily the most affordable way to attend an event.

Ridesharing to Enterprise Center

For pick-ups and drop-offs near Enterprise Center, it is necessary to use either Market St. or Clark St. During events, 14th Street between Market and Clark will be closed, so don’t plan on using that stretch for your rideshare needs.

Enterprise Center Events

You don’t have to be a St. Louis Blues fan to get excited about the events happening at Enterprise Center. A full calendar of concerts and other events happens here throughout the year, so use our table below to find some great tickets.

DateNameLocationBuy Tickets
June 22, 2024Frankie Beverly: Farewell To FrankieEnterprise Center
St Louis, MO, US
July 06, 2024AJR - The Maybe Man TourEnterprise Center
St Louis, MO, US
July 25, 2024Manilow: The Last St. Louis ConcertEnterprise Center
St Louis, MO, US
August 09, 2024KID CUDI - INSANO: ENGAGE THE RAGE WORLD TOUREnterprise Center
St Louis, MO, US
August 10, 2024blink-182 - ONE MORE TIMEEnterprise Center
St Louis, MO, US
August 16, 2024Phil Wickham & Brandon Lake Summer Worship Nights TourEnterprise Center
St Louis, MO, US
September 06, 2024Jeff Lynne's ELO - The Over And Out Tour 2024Enterprise Center
St Louis, MO, US
September 21, 2024for KING + COUNTRY LIVE: The UNSUNG HERO 2024 TourEnterprise Center
St Louis, MO, US
September 22, 2024Kirk Franklin - REUNION TOUR 2024Enterprise Center
St Louis, MO, US
October 05, 2024HEARTEnterprise Center
St Louis, MO, US
October 06, 2024$uicideboy$ - Grey Day Tour 2024Enterprise Center
St Louis, MO, US
October 10, 2024Twenty One Pilots - The Clancy World TourEnterprise Center
St Louis, MO, US
October 13, 2024MAXWELL: The Serenade TourEnterprise Center
St Louis, MO, US
October 14, 2024Aerosmith: PEACE OUT The Farewell Tour with The Black CrowesEnterprise Center
St Louis, MO, US
October 23, 2024Jelly Roll: Beautifully Broken TourEnterprise Center
St Louis, MO, US
October 25, 2024USHER: Past Present FutureEnterprise Center
St Louis, MO, US
October 26, 2024USHER: Past Present FutureEnterprise Center
St Louis, MO, US
December 14, 2024Sebastian Maniscalco: It Ain't Right TourEnterprise Center
St Louis, MO, US
December 19, 2024Justin Timberlake - The Forget Tomorrow World TourEnterprise Center
St Louis, MO, US

Bars and Restaurants near Enterprise Center

Enterprise Center’s dining and drinking options are limited, but there are a few good choices if you want to come early. Most of those options are in the direction of Union Station, which is just to the west of the arena.

Consider heading towards Maggie O’Brien’s, an Irish pub just down the street from the venue, as a starting point. You’ll be able to get in the mood for a hockey game here as there are plenty of TVs showing sporting events while you enjoy classic pub dishes and drinks.

best food near enterprise center in St. Louis

Enterprise Center Parking Tips for a Great Outing

Attending an event at an NBA arena should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience. However, traffic and transportation issues sometimes get in the way and turn the outing into a nightmare. 

Let’s review some essential parking and travel tips to ensure that doesn’t happen to you at Enterprise Center.

Arrive Early and Beat the Traffic

St. Louis traffic can ruin your plans for a fun outing if you don’t allow enough time to make the drive. Plan your day to get to the arena early and secure parking before it gets crazy.

Check to see when the gates will open, and you can arrive early to enjoy as much time inside the facility as possible.

Know What You Can Bring

Enterprise Center has specific policies regarding what can and can’t come into the building, like all other stadiums. Check these rules in advance so you don’t have to leave things in the car.

Remember Where You Parked!

There are plenty of parking spaces available in the area around Enterprise Center. With such a massive parking area to cover, you want to avoid searching for your vehicle at the end of the day. Consider snapping a quick picture of your car’s location on your phone so you can get back to it quickly.

Take Security Measures

Consider your safety when parking for an event at an arena. Be sure to lock your vehicle as a starting point and remove anything valuable from the car or truck before leaving home. You should park in a well-lit area for more security.

Have a Backup Plan

Unless you have purchased a parking pass in advance, it’s a good idea to have at least a few parking options in mind when you head out. That way, if your first option is full or otherwise unavailable, you won’t have to scramble to figure out where to go next.


To conclude, attending events at Enterprise Center, home of the St. Louis Blues, promises excitement, but effective parking planning is essential. This comprehensive parking guide provides insights into official and third-party parking options, accessibility, public transit alternatives, and practical tips to ensure a smooth visit.

By following these recommendations, your experience at Enterprise Center will be stress-free and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions for Parking at Enterprise Center (FAQs)

How much does parking cost at Enterprise Center?

You’ll find varied parking prices depending on the event you will attend. It’s typically about $20 to $40 to park for an NHL game. However, preferred parking lots cost more, and you might find even higher concert prices. Secure your parking as early as possible to give yourself plenty of choices.

Is Official Enterprise Center Parking or a Third-Party Lot the Better Option?

Enterprise Center does not offer any official parking, so look to the many third-party parking providers in the area to find an available space.

What is the closest parking lot to Enterprise Center?

The Kiel Center Garage, attached to the west side of Enterprise Center, is as close as you will get for parking.

Does Enterprise Center offer bicycle parking?

Enterprise Center doesn’t offer any official bicycle parking. Also, there are limited bike racks on the sidewalks in the area, so finding a place to secure your bike could be challenging. A different mode of transportation will likely be your best bet.

What alternative transportation options are available to the Enterprise Center?

Public transportation is a good choice if a service is available that aligns with your needs, or you could use a rideshare service.

How early are Enterprise Center parking lots open?

Parking lots at Enterprise Center open depending on the event you attend. If you buy parking in advance, the opening time of the lot should be included with your pass. Confirm this information with the venue or your parking facility in advance so you know the deal.

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