Nationwide Arena Parking Tips in Columbus

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The Columbus Blue Jackets play their home games at Nationwide Arena in Columbus. To ensure you have a good experience at an upcoming event in this venue, use our parking guide to find a great place to leave your vehicle.

This detailed Nationwide Arena parking tips guide offers detailed parking information, including:

  • The best official Nationwide Arena parking lots
  • Third-party parking lots near Nationwide Arena you can book in advance
  • Areas to look for free parking in Columbus
  • Handicap parking solutions
  • Public transit options for Columbus Blue Jackets events
  • Other valuable Nationwide Arena parking tips to save time and money

From hockey games to concerts and more, there is always something fun happening at Nationwide Arena. Once you have your tickets and a parking plan, you’ll be ready for a great outing!

Official Nationwide Arena Parking Lots

The area of Columbus where Nationwide Arena is located is known as the Arena District. While there isn’t any official parking tied directly to the venue, there are many parking options within the Arena District as a whole. So, as long as you plan ahead just a bit, you should be able to find a nearby spot at a reasonable price. 

nationwide arena parking tis oveview map

Main Parking Lots 

As mentioned above, there aren’t any official main lots for this venue. However, there are plenty of Arena District lots you can pick from. To book spots in these lots and garages, you’ll want to head to the SpotHero widget below dedicated to this part of Columbus.

Depending on the event you’ll attend, prices usually range from $15 to $25. 

Some popular options that will leave you close to the venue include the Arena Crossing Garage, McConnell Garage, Marconi Garage, and Front St. Garage.

Any options will give you a short walk to Nationwide Arena, although you might have to wait in some congested traffic after the event. 

EV Parking at Nationwide Arena

There are EV chargers in some of the parking garages in the Arena District, including the McConnell Garage. With that said it would be smart not to rely on being able to plug in while attending an event at Nationwide Arena. Thousands of people will be driving into the area and parking with you, so be sure you have plenty of charges already in your batteries in case no chargers are open. 

Accessible Parking Spaces

There are more ADA spaces in the area around Nationwide Arena than what is required by law. If you arrive early to your chosen garage, you should be able to secure an ADA spot as long as you have the required license plate or placard with your vehicle. 

Third-Party Parking Options at Nationwide Arena

One great option for parking at Nationwide Arena events is using third-party lots and garages reserved through SpotHero. Several good choices are available within a short walk of the gates of this arena, including a few gathered around Vine Street just to the north.

For affordable and convenient parking that is only a 7-minute walk away from the arena, look at Lot 22 at 97 Spruce St. Prices here tend to be rather affordable – often less than $20 – and you should have a pretty easy time getting out after the event has ended.

If you would rather park in a garage, you can pay a little more to reserve a spot in the GCCC Vine Street Garage and be left with a short walk across Convention Center Drive to get to the gates. 

nationwide arena parking tips overview map

Free Parking at Nationwide Arena

It’s going to be hard to find free parking anywhere close to Nationwide Arena. While some affordable options exist in nearby lots and garages, you should expect to spend at least a few bucks to secure a parking spot.

If you don’t want to pay for parking, use public transportation to get to the arena instead.

Public Transportation to Nationwide Arena

Located in the heart of the Arena District, Nationwide Arena is accessible through various transportation options. Here’s a comprehensive overview of how you can get there using public transit.

Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA)

COTA operates the public transportation system in Columbus, offering a convenient and affordable alternative to driving. Here are the specifics related to different lines that can get you to Nationwide Arena:

  • North or South Directions: If you’re coming from the north or south, Lines 1, 2, or 5 can be utilized. You’ll want to get off at the N. High St. and Ohio Center Way stop, leaving a short walk to the arena.
  • West Direction: Lines 3 or 8 are the right choices for those approaching from the west. The Neil Ave. and Vine St. stop is the closest one, providing easy access to the venue.
  • East Direction: If you’re coming from the east, you can hop on COTA Line 6 or 9, and the ideal stop to exit is West Nationwide Blvd. and N. Front St.

To make planning and paying for your trip easier, consider using COTA’s mobile app, where you can find schedules, maps, and even purchase your fare digitally.

public transportation to nationwide arena in ohio

Other Options for Transportation

Walking or cycling might be viable options if you’re close to the Arena District. Columbus has increasingly become more pedestrian and bike-friendly, so don’t hesitate to explore these options if they suit your situation.

Ridesharing to Nationwide Arena

For pick-ups and drop-offs at Nationwide Arena, West Street should be used. Despite the name, West Street is just south of the arena and will leave you with a quick walk to the entrances if you decide to use a service like Uber or Lyft to make the trip. 

Nationwide Arena Events

There is more than just hockey that goes on at Nationwide Arena. To see what events are coming up and secure great seats at the events you’d like to attend, use the table we have provided below.

DateNameLocationBuy Tickets
June 28, 2024AJR - The Maybe Man TourNationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, US
July 21, 2024MLS All-Star Concert Presented by Target Featuring MarshmelloNationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, US
July 27, 2024Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Glow PartyNationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, US
July 27, 2024Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Glow PartyNationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, US
July 28, 2024Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Glow PartyNationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, US
August 22, 2024Jhené Aiko: The Magic Hour TourNationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, US
August 23, 2024New Kids On The Block with Paula Abdul & DJ Jazzy JeffNationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, US
September 07, 2024Weezer: Voyage To The Blue Planet Tour 2024Nationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, US
September 19, 2024Kirk Franklin - REUNION TOUR 2024Nationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, US
September 20, 2024Charli XCX & Troye Sivan present: SweatNationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, US
September 21, 2024Martin Lawrence with special guest DC YoungflyNationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, US
September 23, 2024SABRINA CARPENTER: SHORT N' SWEET TOURNationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, US
October 04, 2024Twenty One Pilots - The Clancy World TourNationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, US
October 05, 2024Twenty One Pilots - The Clancy World TourNationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, US
October 06, 2024Twenty One Pilots - The Clancy World TourNationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, US
October 09, 2024Jelly Roll: Beautifully Broken TourNationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, US
October 23, 2024Justin Timberlake - The Forget Tomorrow World TourNationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, US
October 24, 2024The Black Keys: International Players TourNationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, US
October 26, 2024Little Big Town + Sugarland: Take Me Home TourNationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, US

Bars and Restaurants near Nationwide Arena 

Part of the experience of going out to a hockey game is spending time with the other fans, enjoying some tasty food and perhaps a few beverages. If that sounds like the kind of time you’d like to have as part of your outing, some popular spots around Nationwide Arena deserve your attention. 

The sports bar we’d like to highlight here is Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar, just across West Nationwide Blvd. from the arena. You can easily stop in here before going inside the arena, and you’ll find plenty of options for casual food like pizzas and burgers on the menu.

best food near nationwide arena

Nationwide Arena Parking Tips for a Great Outing

Attending an event at an NHL arena should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience. However, traffic and transportation issues sometimes get in the way and turn the outing into a nightmare.  

Let’s review some basic parking and travel tips to ensure that doesn’t happen to you at Nationwide Arena.

Arrive Early and Beat Traffic

Columbus isn’t New York City, but it still has its fair share of traffic problems. Plan your day to get to the arena early and secure parking before it gets crazy. 

Check to see when the gates will open, and you can arrive early to enjoy as much time inside the facility as possible. 

Know What You Can Bring

Nationwide Arena has specific policies regarding what can and can’t come into the building like all other stadiums. Check these rules in advance so you don’t have to leave things in the car. 

Remember Where You Parked!

There are plenty of parking spaces available in the area around Nationwide Arena. With such a massive parking area to cover, you don’t want to be searching for your vehicle at the end of the day. Consider snapping a quick picture of your car’s location on your phone so you can get back to it easily. 

Take Security Measures

You should always consider safety when parking for an event at a popular arena. Be sure to lock your vehicle as a starting point and remove anything valuable from the car or truck before leaving home. You might want to park in a well-lit area for more security.

Have a Backup Plan

Unless you have purchased a parking pass in advance, it’s a good idea to have at least a few parking options in mind when you head out. That way, if your first option is full or otherwise unavailable, you won’t have to scramble to figure out where to go next.


This Nationwide Arena Parking Tips Guide provides a comprehensive resource for ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience at any event hosted by the Columbus Blue Jackets at Nationwide Arena. With insights into official parking lots, third-party options, public transit routes, and practical parking tips, you have the information to have a great time.

Whether you’re attending a hockey game, concert, or other events, this guide empowers you to navigate parking confidently. Following the outlined travel and parking suggestions, from arriving early to understanding venue policies and taking security measures, will help you focus on the event’s excitement without transportation concerns.

With this guide, your outing to Nationwide Arena promises to be a memorable and stress-free experience.

Frequently Asked Questions for Parking at Nationwide Arena (FAQs)

How much does parking cost at Nationwide Arena?

You’ll find varied parking prices depending on the event you will attend. It’s typically about $20 to $40 to park for a Blue Jackets NHL game, but preferred lots will be more, and you might find even higher concert prices. It’s best to secure your parking as early as possible to give yourself plenty of choices.

Is Official Nationwide Arena Parking or a Third-Party Lot the Better Option?

Nationwide Arena has no official parking, so third-party parking is the winner by default. With that said, you could use some of the parking options presented by the Arena District through ParkMobile or a third-party option like SpotHero to secure a spot. 

What is the closest parking lot to Nationwide Arena?

The Arena Crossing Garage is one of the closest available lots to the venue and typically offers reasonable pricing for most events. 

Does Nationwide Arena offer bicycle parking?

Columbus is a rather bike-friendly city, so riding to a game or concert at this venue is appealing. However, you’ll need to find a bike rack somewhere near the venue for this to work, and they can be scarce. Alternatively, you could use a bikeshare service like CoGo to unlock a traditional or e-bike and ride it to the arena from many different points around town. 

What alternative transportation options are available to Nationwide Arena?

You can use the COTA system to reach the Arena District anywhere around Columbus. Also, a rideshare service is convenient, although it will cost more than public transit. 

How early are Nationwide Arena parking lots open?

The timing of parking lots opening up for vehicles to enter will depend on the event you are attending. If you buy parking in advance, the opening time of the lot should be included with your pass. Take a moment to confirm this information with the venue or parking facility in advance so you aren’t caught off-guard.

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